Sunday, May 20, 2018

Photo Gallery


If you can't see the photo gallery above, then you must be using Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. You should see a little icon in the address bar (the place where you type www......) Click that icon to change modes and it should work.

 Pictures are grouped by day and can be navigated using the menu at the bottom

Clicking a picture will bring it up in its own window...from there you can start an auto-running slideshow

The top button in the top right corner allows you to share the photos with Facebook or Twitter

The other button in the top right corner lets you download the picture. The pictures have been resized to display on the page, but downloads are full size and resolution

Navigation methods:

  • As you hover the mouse over the displayed picture, left and right arrows will appear, allowing to advance through the pictures
  • Use the arrows at the top and bottom of the thumbnails on the left
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